Decadent drinks and dogs in Seattle

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington
WEATHER: Another nice day. Mostly sunny. High in low 60s

After playing with our charges, and taking Oscar for a nice walk, we headed out for the afternoon. At the recommendation of several blog readers and friends, we went over to West Seattle. It is its own neighborhood, on a peninsula jutting out into Puget Sound. We had lunch at a waterfront restaurant near Alki Beach, and enjoyed the views of downtown Seattle.

We had planned to take the water taxi back to downtown, but it was not running. So, we figured out the bus route. We had to climb a huge hill to get to the bus stop, but were rewarded by beautiful views from above.

Downtown, we did a very Seattle thing – stopped in a coffee shop to rest a bit. Then, more buses and climbing toward our way back home.

We stopped at Amazon headquarters. It encompasses 10 city blocks. One of their buildings is called The Spheres…

Our purpose for coming here was to check out one of Seattle’s newest, swankiest bars. It is down under the Sphere, and has a dark, aquatic atmosphere.

While the focus is on cocktails (all described in a leather-bound 25-page menu), they also serve some food, including a wild hot dog we had read about…This is how it is described…

The most attention-grabbing item on the menu is Erickson’s extravagant take on the inexplicable cream cheese- and sauteed onion-topped Seattle dog. Deep Dive’s version is a grass-fed and hazelnut-smoked beef hot dog topped with pickled jalapenos, red onions, whipped cream cheese, and, rocketing the price to $18, a dollop of pink salmon caviar. It’s a ballpark snack fit for Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

Of course, we had to try it!

Back home, we played with Oscar and Lucy.

DINNER: Shrimp with the leftover gnocchi and tomato sauce.

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