Chihuly magic

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Mostly nice. A bit overcast. High 60

We have a great alarm clock…Lucy, our cat, lets us know it is time to get up and eat at 7:00 sharp each morning. Whenever I go into the kitchen, both Oscar and Lucy follow me with hopeful looks in their eyes.

We walked over to Seattle Center/The Space Needle to visit the Chihuly Gardens and Museum also located there.

It was just breathtaking. Photos don’t do the artwork justice.

Some of the installations reminded us of Chihuly’s artwork at Mayo Clinic, where we used to work. Chihuly was a patient there due to issues with his eye. His signature look now includes his wild hair and eyepatch.

We were thrilled to see a 1962 Airstream converted to a glass-blowing exhibit. Lots of Chinese tourists were taking photos everywhere…

Views of the Space Needle with glass sculptures in the photo shot were particularly popular..

Someone had recommended the museum’s cafeteria, which did not disappoint. We shared a lox bagel and a cup of clam chowder. The cafeteria tables had inserts with various Chihuly collectables.

We spent the afternoon with Oscar and Lucy. They both like lots of love and petting.

DINNER: Potato gnocchi with sausage and a tomato sauce. Side was salad.

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