Happy Anniversary To Us!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington
WEATHER: Beautiful – sunny. High 70 – even though rain and cold had been predicted

We shared a breakfast casserole with our returning homeowners. I always like to have something prepared for the homeowners, thinking that if I had been traveling, I wouldn’t want to deal with grocery shopping and cooking right away. They told us about their trip to the Yucatán. I was there about 50 years ago, and am afraid that it has become very touristy.

Then the homeowner drove us a few miles to our second Seattle housesit. This is in the Lower Queen Anne District. It has a more urban feel. Our new homeowners gave us an orientation and then we said goodbye to them as they head off to Amsterdam for a week. Our charges are a Boston bull terrier (Oscar) and a sweet kitty (Lucy). It is a studio apartment in a 1950s building which has retained its old fixtures and charms.

After taking Oscar for a walk, we strolled around the neighborhood. We are very close to the Seattle Center, home of the 1962 World’s Fair and Space Needle.

The fairgrounds have been converted to theaters, ballets, concert halls, museums, and science centers. It still has the feel of a World’s Fair. George and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. Forty-three years ago we were married in Japan, where we were both working and living at the time. In keeping with the Japan theme, we discovered this pavilion, a remnant of the World’s Fair.

The weatherman was wrong today – it turned out to be a beautiful warm and sunny day…

For dinner, we discovered a sushi bar – Shiki, which means Four Seasons. It is very authentic – cozy, but not hoity-toity. The sushi master, the owner, chatted with us as he busily made lots of sushi and sashimi. He is the only sushi master in Seattle licensed to cut and serve fugu – poisonous blow fish, or puffer fish. Coincidentally, the town where George and I lived in Japan (Shimonoseki) is the sushi capital of Japan. When we told the sushi master, he was impressed that we had lived there. There are only certain parts of the fugu that you can eat safely, and if the sushi master cuts in to another organ, the entire fish will be poisoned. When we lived in Japan, it was fairly common to hear about periodic fugu deaths.

P.S. – Just in case you were wondering…..We are still alive. We did not eat the fugu….you have to order it a few days in advance. Maybe later in the week?…..

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