Last day at this housesit

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Cooler -high 60 and spotty rain

The weather forecast was for rain in the late PM, so we took Dundee for his walks earlier in the day.

We headed out to this “chili parlor” that we had seen in Ballard. We had researched it a bit and found out that it has been around for about 100 years, all in the same family. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives— check it out by Googling “Mike’s Chili Parlor”.

One of the reviews described it this way: “Mike’s is a dive bar with sports on the television and that comforting smell of a workingman’s armpit

We shared a bowl of his chili. There are 2 kinds – with and without beans. And, an order of fries that turned out to be a mountain.

Typical Seattle- even though it is definitely a workingman’s tavern, and not a hoity-toity microwbrewery, it still had great beers on tap

The afternoon was spent digesting all of the grease!!!

We did some packing-up and tidying of the house.

DINNER: Not wanting to eat much, we shared a crabcake on a slice of toasted baguette and a spinach salad – much kinder to our bodies than at lunch!

The homeowners arrived late – about 1:00 AM.

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