Winding up first assignment

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, WA

WEATHER: Cooler, but still very nice. Rain (more typical) predicted for next week

The day started with more long walks with Dundee. It is interesting to see that the trees and flowers have turned even prettier each day during the week we have been here. Today, we saw blooming tulip trees and azaleas.

Then, shopping. It is nice to have markets like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s nearby. We also stopped at the pet store to restock Dundee’s food and treat supply.

In the afternoon, we checked out another microbrewery. It is called The Rooftop. Unfortunately, the view was only over the industrial shipyard, but still nice.

We checked out Queen Margherita Pizza for dinner. Located in Magnolia’s village, it is a cozy neighborhood spot, just 3 blocks from our house. Some of the reviws call it “the best pizza in all of Seattle”. They do thin-crusted pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

We sat at the counter so we could watch the pizza makers work.

We arrived early, in order to get happy hour prices – off food, drinks and appetizers. We started with a platter of olives…

Then, ordered a proscuitto pizza…

Would highly recommend this place. It is tiny, though, so I think it gets super busy.

Leftover pizza will be tomorrow’s breakfast with an egg over-easy on top. Our favorite!

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