I could live here….

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Record-breaking warm (70) and sunny

We enjoyed this beautiful day at home. George spent most of the day watching a golf tournament, and I cozied up with a good book.

The day included 4 walks with Dundee. I wanted the exercise, which I certainly get on these walks, struggling up hills like this…

The neighorhood reminds me of the lovely homes around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis..on steroids. We are fascinated by the unique shrubbery each house has.

Many of the homes date back from the 1950s. Small bungalows have either been torn town to build bigger, more ostentatious homes, or stripped down to their foundations and rebuilt with 3 or 4 stories, to capture the views.

And views they certainly have! This photo was taken between two of these houses..

It doesn’t seem real, almost floating in the distance.

George joined me for a walk to the village. Only 3 blocks away, it has everything one needs….grocery store, post office, restaurants, pharmacy, hardware, etc as well as bus stops to the city. And, of course, at least 5 coffee shops, including Starbucks as well as small, local cafes…

The only problem living here is Seattle real estate prices. I would love to find this type of walkable community somewhere. Anyone have any suggestions?

DINNER: Gyoza — small Asian wontons filled with shrimp. Side was rice, and more asparagus, this time with an Asian flavor.

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