St. Patrick’s Day Parade

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Sunny and warmish. High 60

When we take Dundee for walks, we explore this area, full of beautiful houses and views of Seattle’s skyline, the Sound, and the mountains. This morning, I took him by myself, and of course, got lost. I just kept walking until I hit the water (Puget Sound), then got my bearings.

After the morning rituals, we caught the bus from our village to downtown Seattle. Much better than driving and paying high parking lot fees! As a senior, we can each ride for $1. We got off at Pike Street, home of the famous market. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday, they have switched it to “St. Patrick’s Weekend”. Today was the day of the parade, and we disembarked from the bus right when it was starting…

There were lots of high school marching bands, and even some bagpiper bands…

And pirates….

And dogs – Irish wolfhounds and Irish setters…

Afterwards, we found an Irish pub for a late lunch of corned beef, and a Guinness, of course

We took the bus to Ballard, to check out another brewery there. Due to St. Patrick’s Day party-makers, the breweries had long lines coming out of their doors. We didn’t stick around too long, and took the bus back home. It is a very good transit system.

DINNER: Shrimp with sauteed vegetables over ramen. More of the grilled asparagus that we had last night. (It was buy one, get one free, so we will be eating a lot of it!)

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