Beautiful Mount Rainier

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Unseasonably warm. High low 60s. Sunny

We awoke to a beautiful view of Mount Rainier right from our dining room window! It almost seems surreal.

We hung around the house, mostly researching the bus system. We want to take it to downtown Seattle for a St. Patrick’s Day parade tomorrow. Then, a short trip to Whole Foods to stock up.

We gave our dog Dundee his requisite walks, enjoying the weather and beautiful views of the mountains and water.

Then, we went to check out another brewery. This one is a micro-brewery — a small brewery with a tap room. (No food.) Very minimalistic and ultra-modern. It was full of techies who obviously have money to spend on good beers. George tried their winter ale, and I had my usual IPA.

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken and vegetables. We bought some beautiful tender, small asparagus. I am reading the follow-up book of Under the Tuscan Sun, in which the author spends a lot of time describing food and providing recipes. I just happened to read her opinion about asparagus today. She says the best way to cook the spears is to drizzle them with olive oil, and bake with salt and pepper. So, that is what we did, and they turned out beautifully. The homeowners had also left some brussels sprouts, so we seared them on top of the stove, then baked them with asiago cheese. Quite gourmet!

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