No fish for us!


LOCATION: Port Mansfield, TX – on the Gulf of Mexico, about an hour by boat north of South Padre Island

WEATHER: Like summer! Hot (85) and sunny

There are hundreds of deer roaming the town. I think there are more deer than people! This guy wanted to check out our Airstream this morning.

We checked out about 4 fishing holes for George. There are several public piers here. He fished and fished and fished, but didn’t catch anything.

For lunch, we went to a BBQ joint that is quite famous. We heard that lots of people drive from the Valley to have a BBQ lunch here. It is especially popular among motorcyclists who come here for a day trip. We shared a huge smoked brisket burger. It came with pickled okra, peppers, and pickles. All really good.

Then, back to fishing. Still no luck. Here are our 2 different methods of fishing…

We stopped back by the fishing tournament to see what the pros caught. Again, huge trout and redfish. One guy caught a 9.5 pound trout, some kind of record.

We had made various plans for dinner. Plan A was to catch a nice fish to grill. That didn’t work. Plan B was for some kind fisherman to give or sell us one of his fish. No luck there. Plan C was to buy a fish. We found out there are no fish shops (or any shops) here. Without any other plans, we bought some bait shrimp! They were still alive, so obviously fresh. However, they were quite small.

DINNER: Shrimp cocktail with margaritas. Not too shabby. Main course was shrimp fried rice with sauteed shrimp, onions, and lime juice. Side was a salad. What is that saying about making lemonade out of lemons….

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