A Weekend on the Coast

CAMPGROUND: Bayview RV Park. Grassy sites. A bit rundown. Several permanent or seasonal RVs. Picnic table. 50 amp, water, and sewer. $35/night. 3 stars out of 5

LOCATION: Port Mansfield, Texas, about 60 miles northeast of Mission. On the Gulf

WEATHER: Overcast. High 70

We made a spur-of-the-moment decision to take the Airstream out for the weekend. The weather forecast was good, and it would be a good chance to camp out before our upcoming housesitting assignments.

Port Mansfield is directly north of South Padre Island (SPI). Unlike SPI, it is not touristy at all. It is popular among fishermen, but there is nothing fancy at all. Some of the deep sea fishing boats take off from here. Most of the houses are rentals. I didn’t see any grocery stores; thank goodness we were stocked up.

After setting up, we found a rather dumpy restaurant where we suprisingly had one of the best fish sandwiches we have ever eaten. It was a blackened drum filet.

We drove around the town, looking at possible fishing sites for tomorrow. There was a big-time fishing tournament going on. We stopped at the dock to watch the pros come in. It was even televised!

There were 33 teams. They were judged on their redfish, trout, and total catch.

They had gone out at dawn, and returned for the judging at 3:00.

While we were watching the pros, the big deep sea fishing boat came in. The tourists caught quite a few red snapper.

Back at the Airstream, George fired up our new grill (as we had sold our old one at our recent garage sale).

DINNER: Delicious grilled thick pork chops, and salads. Glamping is fun!

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