Hard to keep up!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Sunny and summer-like. High 83

The last 3 days have been packed with activities! On Monday, the weather wasn’t great and there were not any water aerobics classes (people have become quite wimpy and no one shows up if it is less than 75 degrees). So we went shopping at a garden shop to buy some plants to hide our ugly electric box in the backyard. We bought oleander bushes as they are supposed to grow quickly.

Tuesday, however, was a beautiful day. I did 2 hours of line dancing classes followed by 2 hours of water aerobics. Then, I rushed home to dress for the monthly book club meeting. We always have great discussions. What an interesting group of people! At this month’s meeting, we discussed a book about Auschwitz and one of the members showed a presentation of photos from his visit there last year. Quite depressing, but informative. From there, we zoomed over to a street party. Each month, residents bring their lawn chairs and drinks and hang out on one of the streets in our community. All of the streets are named after birds, as this is such a famous location for bird migration. We live on Mallard, and this month’s street party was “Mingling on Mallard”. Last month’s was “Hanging on Hummingbird”. Another month’s was “Partying on Pelican”, etc.

Wednesday was another full day. This time, 2 hours of yoga, then 2 hours of water aeorbics. George had the pick-up, so all this exercise was topped off by a .5 mile walk to/from the clubhouse. I was pooped! After all that exercise, we needed to do some internet work (file our taxes), but the clubhouse wifi was down. So, we drove to the Mission library to do that. Since we were out, we stopped by our favorite restaurant and did their “Wine Wednesday” deal, with half-priced bottles of wine. The temperature was perfect and the breeze kept all mosquitos away on their lovely patio. We shared a spinach/artichoke/musrhoom dip as an appetizer. Lovely!!!

DINNER: Scallops in a cream sauce over pasta. People think scallops are such a luxury, but a $8 bag of frozen bay scallops gives us 8 servings (4 meals @ two people each). I sauteed the scallops with some onion and garlic, then added some cream cheese and a little milk to make the cream sauce. I added some artichoke hearts and capers, and served over fettucine. Very gourmet without the gourmet price tag!

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