Busy Day.. Rummage Sale, Mail Call, and Dancing

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Pleasant, but overcast. Everyone is anxious for some sun

We got up early to set up for the neighborhood garage sale. Our community gates open at 7:00, and we had been warned to be ready for the early-birds, even though the sale didn’t start until 8:00 AM. We have been steadfastedly trying not to accumulate “stuff”, but somehow we seem to have our fair share. Not having tables, we had to improvise as we arranged our wares. We tied a rope between the pick-up and the palm tree to hang the clothes for sale. We opened up the truck’s tailgate on which to place some items. Boards between chairs became tables. Then, most innovative, we tied a big piece of plywood on top of the trash can for more items. Sure enough, right at 7:00, we had our first customer. Since it is an entire neighborhood event, and since it has a reputation of being a good annual sale, we were told to expect a lot of customers. The clientele were an interestiing group. First were the serious, almost professional Mexicans. (I had my signage in 2 languages.). Several had Minnesota license plates. They told me that they work in the summers there. Others had Mexico license plates. All quite interesting. Some couldn’t speak any English. For one family, the son interpreted for the parents. They were surprised when I spoke to them in Spanish. Then, there were Winter Texans from RV parks, just using garage sales as their Saturday entertainment. Finally, the Retama Village neighbors, mostly just lookers, strolled around. We ended up making $185, but one of the bills someone gave us is a suspicious-looking $100 one. We are just hoping it is legit. When it was over, everyone took their leftovers to the clubhouse where someone hauled it away to Goodwill. (Full disclosure — as I was placing our unsold junk in the Goodwill pile, my eye caught two items that looked really good to me — an American Tourister piece of luggage and a set of nesting, plastic containers. I surreptitiously placed them in the pick-up, not wanting to look like a scavenger!)

It was warm enough to swim, so I dashed to the 1:00 class, after we cleaned up after the garage sale. It was nice to get some exercise again.

Then, just like Christmas, we received this month’s mail. We use Dakota Post, in Sioux Falls, SD. We use the PO box there as our primary address. Each month, we instruct them where to send the mail, whether it is here, or to a campground when we are traveling, or to a house where we are housesitting. This month’s package included a lot of tax info, so George can finish up income tax preparation. Sadly, there were 3 more bills from the Quebec hospitalization. They had been sent directly to our insurance company, which totally just ignored them, not even bothering to return them with instructions. The hospital finally sent a letter to us asking us to pay.. So, we will have to deal with 3 more, just when I was thinking that all of the paperwork had already been submitted.

Then……dance time! Many of the RV parks here in the Vallley have large dance floors, and offer dances every weekend, some even during the week. Forty of us from our community bought tickets and sat together. The band, called The Cruisers, did mostly 50s and 60s songs. They were really quite good. The wooden dance floor is huge – like a roller skating rink. The dance floor was full for every song with people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and state of physical fitness. Some were almost professional.

DINNER: I made a soup in the afternoon, so we could have an easy, early dinner before the dance. It was a version of chicken/vegetable/noodle soup, only made with hog head pieces. The smokiness of the hog head nicely permeated the soup, but the texture of the meat was unpleasant – either fatty or impossibly chewy. George liked it, though.

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