Eating the pig head

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Cool (50s) and overcast

We spent the morning preparing for this Saturday’s neighborhood rummage sale (can’t say garage sale as most of us don’t have garages!) We hope to sell a lot of junk!

Several people have asked us how we are eating the meat from the hog head that George smoked a few weeks ago. We froze most of the meat, and are pulling bits of it from the freezer for various meals. I made a head-meat taco the other day, which turned out well. Then, yesterday, we drove past an authentic Mexican restaurant advertising “sopa de cabeza” (head soup) so I will give that a try soon. We made pate’ out of the tongue and will try that with crackers.

We are still remembering our recent Harvest Host camping trips. This was taken on the back patio of the Texas Legato winery. Compliments to the owner for the nice fire in the firepit.

One of our friends called us saying that they had tickets to tonight’s performance of “Babes of Broadway” that they couldn’t use. Would we be interested in them? Sure thing! It was a lovely performance in the surprisingly beautiful McAllen Performing Arts Center.

DINNER: Not hog head tonight. I made an Indian-style curried chicken dinner with cauliflower. All with a yogurt/cucumber sauce.

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