Finishing up Fredericksburg Housesitting Assignment

LOCATION: MesinaHof Winery, a Harvest Host site outside of Fredericksburg, TX
WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High75

The owners are returning today, so today is the big tidying-up day. I walked Baxter, the beagle. He has a lot of “friends” on his walking route who give him dog treats. He knows which houses to stop at. It is impossible to budge him if he decides to wait for a treat in front of one of those houses. He hunkers down with his 50-pound body until he decides to move on. I met one couple who like to give him a treat.

We took off for an outing to Kerrville, another nice town, about 25 miles from here. We had camped here a few years ago, but not too much looked familiar. We found a really cute coffee shop/brewery for lunch. The Pint and Plow is an old house converted to a cozy coffee shop. You meander through it to a newer addition which houses the kitchen and brewery. Cool vibes. We shared a pulled pork sandwich.

We heard from the homeowners that their flight was canceled, and that they would be returning in the evening, rather than in the afternoon. They told us to go ahead with our travel plans, and to just leave the dogs for a few hours. They have a doggie door, so that is convenient. So, we hooked up the Airstream and left at about 5:00.

Our destination was MesinaHof, a winery that is part of the Harvest Host network. We stayed here once before. They have a huge parking lot, so it is easy to set up. We quickly parked, and ducked into the winery for a glass of wine. Since it is Valentine’s Day, they were closing early for a special dinner/dance event. We sat out on the patio with our glass of wine, and chatted with a young couple, also camped here for the night.. Usually, with Harvest Hosts, we are the only RVers parked. Tonight, there are 4 other vehicles.

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken and salad. I will be more creative tomorrow night.

It is so cozy being back in the Airstream. We just love the feel. We read books, made some phone calls, and talked about our next adventures. Life is great!

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