A switch from wineries to a brewery!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Fredricksburg, Texas

WEATHER: Very nice. Sunny. High 70

We spent time in the morning, cuddling the dogs and doing computer stuff. I tried to reserve some campgrounds for this weekend, but everything seems full. I guess others read the weekend weather forecast and decided to camp out. I was able to get two nights at Harvest Host wineries when we leave here. For info about Harvest Hosts, check out https://harvesthosts.com/ (discount offer at https://harvesthosts.referralcandy.com ). After that, we will either find an RV park or campground, or just go on back to Mission.

For lunch, we went to the Alstadt Brewery. Keeping with Fredericksburg’s heritage, it was built to look like a German castle, and they brew only German beers.

We went on a tour. The tour guide sipped on a lager during the (free) tour – a good sign! The brewery is huge, with a restaurant, beer hall, cellar, meeting rooms, and suites. Obviously a lot of money has been poured into this enterprise. We asked the tour guide about the owners. They are a local family that got into publishing, which led to owning/managing TV channels like HGTV.

Afterwards, we ate lunch in their beer hall. On weekends, they have music and really fill up. We shared a bowl of gumbo that someone had recommended. Not German, but mighty tasty.

Then, to a tasting room in downtown Fredericksburg. Similar to Walla Walla in Washington, the downtown main street is lined with tasting rooms. We tried an Italian one recommended by our homeowners – Andrucci. The wines are all Tuscan. The wine pourer had just come over from Italy and spoke cute, broken English. It was very nice.

Back home, we did more computer stuff. I booked flights for our return from Guadalajara, Mexico.

DINNER: White turkey chili. I made an extra batch to leave for the homeowners for their return tomorrow.

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