Pleasant Sunday in Wine Country

LOCATION: Housesitting in Fredericksburg, Texas

WEATHER: Cool (50s) and overcast

We enjoyed a slow, cozy Sunday morning by plowing through the homeowner’s NY Times and local papers, as well as by sharing the couch with the doggies as we watched CBS Sunday Morning.

We spent some time maneuvering the Airstream. I told George that I had to get something out of the refrigerator inside. He thought I had already finished, but I was still standing in the Airstream when I felt a jolt, and off we went! It really is a weird feeling sitting in the trailer as it travels. There was nothing I could do except sit there and hold on. He went around the block a few times, trying to get the Airstream positioned just right. He got it set up in front of the homeowner’s house. It is not a busy street, so should be fine there.

Then, after dog walks, cuddles, and feedings, we headed out for the afternoon. We did a little grocery shopping then tried out one of the many winery tasting rooms in the area. We went to one that is a bit off the beaten tourist path, recommended by the homeowners.

We met a group of Texans who were out sampling wines from several wineries in the area. They welcomed us to join their conversation around a cozy fire.

Back home, we played with the dogs and watched HGTV (not wanting to watch the Grammy’s).

DINNER: George grilled hamburgers and I used the meat to make a sauce for baked potatoes – with sour cream, dijon, mushrooms, and the burger. Yummy and hearty on a cool evening.

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