A new career in modeling???

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: The weatherman called it “yucky” — cool and rainy

We attended the Photography Club in the AM in Retama’s clubhouse. These guys are really serious and excellent with their photos!

Then, in the afternoon was the Retama Village annual fashion show. Attendees (mostly women plus 2 brave men, including George) attended this British-style tea party/fashion show. Proceeds go to a nearby elementary school that needs financial assistance. Tables are set with finery and people nimble on these delicacies…

Three different boutiques in the Valley participated. About 15 of us models had previously gone to their shops to select items. We each modeled 2 outfits.

Here I am getting ready for my first outfit

Notice the leopard-skin sandals. 🙂

Then, down the runway….

Then, the second item…

It was a fun afternoon. I ended up buying a few items, since we models received a nice discount.

In the evening, we were busy getting ready for our trip tomorrow to Fredricksburg. George hooked up the trailer, after dealing with the lock hitch which had frozen up. A little tension until he contacted the company to figure out what to do.

DINNER: Leftover time. I made a broccoli cheese soup and had ciabatta rolls on the side.

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