Lining up more housesitting assignments

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Cool and overcast. High 60

I ran all over Mission today, mostly shopping for the quilting project I’ve been working on. Hobby Lobby for picture frame and burlap twine, library to type up descriptions to explain the quilt and photos, and to Office Depot for printing everything out. Then, I met with one of the quilting ladies, and we almost finished up the project….photos to follow.

Too cold to swim today, but I got 2 hours of line-dancing practice in. We are having a line-dancing “marathon” on Saturday, where line-dancers from many RV parks all over the Rio Grande Valley come. Unfortunately, the songs and dances that they are playing are not the ones we know, so we have had intense practice sessions the last few weeks to prepare.

Our village has regular street parties where people just bring a drink and a chair, and set up on the designated street. Today’s street was Robin, so we did a “Rockin’ on Robin” street party. Then, we zipped to a restaurant where we had an interview meeting scheduled with homeowners to discuss a potential houesitting assignment in Jocotepec, Mexico (not far from Guadalajara). We had a lovely dinner at Loretto’s, one of our favorite places in the area.

During the course of dinner together, they accepted us. Horray! Now I need to start looking in to flights. We will fly to Seattle in mid-March and do 2 back-to-back assignments there. One of our daughters is coming out to visit us. We will fly from Seattle to Mexico around April 1.

We may fly directly to Guadalajara, or possibly to Puerto Vallarta and take a bus to Jocotepec. It will be fun!

DINNER: George and I shared a platter of Korean street tacos. The other couple had a pork loin, beautifully served with rib bones, and fish tacos. A very nice evening.

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