Retirement life

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Yo-yo. One day sunny around 80; next day cloudy and high 60

We continue to keep busy here in Mission. Now most of the Winter Texans have arrived for the season – from all over, especially WI, MN, IA, Ontario, and Nebraska. The development continues to grow. There is an entire new section being built of houses called “cottages”. These are for non-RVers. There is a new tiny house going up in front of our house. Three days ago, there was just some dirt on this lot, and today it looks like this…

We went on a realtor open house a few days ago to see some houses that are for re-sale. It is fun to look at what upgrades people have done. Some of the small coach houses (12 X 20) are amazingly roomy. Regular houses and port-homes (the ones with the extremely tall garages for the mobile homes) are also under construction, and there are several for re-sale. Good to see!

I keep busy with line-dancing, water aerobics, and yoga. George bikes some and just did his first boce-ball game…..and won!

I volunteered to help with a community breakfast. Now that the Winter Texans are here, there are a lot of activities going on. We fed 100+ people. Quite a bit of work, but nice to contribute to the activities.

We are still working on the Quebec medical bills. Yesterday, we took a bunch of documents to Staples for printing and copying, seeking reimbursement. Each bill comes separately – from ambulance services (2), hospitals (2), along with various doctors, so there is a lot of paperwork to complete.

Discussion about the Wall is getting uglier in our community (although the locals are mostly against it and are Democrats). I try to ignore the many stupid Facebook posts. A lot of illegals have come through our community recently. All they want is water. This fires up the Trumpies.

I am also busy with future planning. In February, we have a one-week housesitting assignment in Fredricksburg, Texas. I am looking at a camping route for about a week following the assignment – at both state park campgrounds, Army Corps of Enginners campgrounds (assuming the government shutdown ends), and Harvest Host wineries. Then, we have an assignment in Seattle in March for a week. I’m trying to add another week in the Seattle area before the confirmed one, to extend the stay. Our daughter Alexis is joining us there. Then, we have an interview coming up with some Texans who have a second home in an expat community near Guadalajara, Mexico. If that works out, it will be a longer assignment – for most of April and May. Then, we hit the road around Memorial Day for a summer and early fall camping trip. We are hoping to join our Nova Scotia friends along the way. More planning to do for that trip.

DINNER: I found a great recipe for our next get-together with friends – stromboli. Super easy, nice looking, and good. Lay out a roll of pizza dough (like a tin of Pillsbury). Layer on different kinds of thinly cut deli meats and cheeses. Spread on some Dijon mustard. Sprinkle pickled pepper rings on top. Roll up. Brush with an egg wash. Bake and slice up. Great (and it looks like you did a lot of work).

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