LOCATION: At our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Sunny. High 75

I bloody well got my exercise today…..2 hours of line dancing, and 1 hour of water aerobics. I could have done an additional hour of each, but thought this was enough, after not having done much over the holidays.

Thanks to our government shutdown (not really), we visited a wildlife refuge nearby where entrance was free since there were no federal workers. We took a nice hike, along the chachalaca trail. Chachalacas are noisy, fairly large birds that don’t fly much. Here they are on their namesake trail….

Thanks to the internet, this is what they look like….

The Spanish moss along the river was very nice.

We took a route home paralleling the border. Lots of partial walls.

George has a cold, and he has blown his nose so much that he now has a bloody nose. Since he is taking blood thinners, the blood flow would just not stop.

DINNER: A great dish to do while camping….. I made a aluminum foil “tent” full of artichoke hearts, shrimp, herbs, lemon slices, lemon zest, and white wine. I closed up the tent and George grilled the packet on the grill. After cooking, I finished it off with a parmesan bread crumb crust. Very nice…..I will do again when we are on the road.

The bloody nose situation would not stop. At about 10:00, PM, George thought we might need to go to the ER. Oh no! We weren’t looking forward to that.. So, I went online and found the trusty Mayo Clinic site where it gave some instructions. They worked! Thanks, Mayo!!!!

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