Happy New Year!

LOCATION: Back in our “tiny house” in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Overcast and cool (for Texas). High 60

We had a layover in Houston, so had a late sushi dinner at a huge Japanese restaurant in the terminal. This was an entire wall full of those Japanese cats that shake their heads all the time….

We arrived late (11:30 PM) at our local airport, and our kind neighbors picked us up and took us home. All seems fine, except my basil, stored in our shed while we were away, bit the dust. There must have been some cold nights here when we were away.

We worked on the Quebec medical bills some more (not fun), then went to the grocery store to stock up empty cupboards and refrigerator. I think the entire population of Mission (80,000) was there. What a madhouse!

Then, off to a New Year’s Eve party. In the Rio Grande Valley (where we live), there are lots of RV parks full of Winter Texans (mostly people from the Midwest, Ontario, and Quebec). They like to party! Most of these parks have dance halls, with bands with music and dancing almost every night. We went to one park for tonight’s party. We went with another set of neighbors. They are native Texans, and are the “real thing”. We loved watching them dance the Texas 2-step…

Not to be undone, George wore his cowboy hat, too.

We had a great time, and did a lot of dancing. George made it until about 10:00; I stayed until the clock hit the 12:00 hour.

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