Quiet post-Christmas

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, near Asheville, North Carolina

WEATHER: Overcast. High in 50s

Nice, quiet day – good for reading. I finally finished a biography that our book club is discussing in January. It was slow going. Then, I started and finished a great Louise Penny book. It takes place in rural Quebec, and it is fun to identify with the area.

Our dog Abby and cat Kevin watched the squirrels sneaking food out of the bird feeders…

Kevin lives a rough life–not! He sleeps a lot! He found a nice, warm place in front of the fireplace to lounge…

I did a little work on the computer – looking for housesitting assignments for spring. I applied to 2 in Seattle. We’d like to spend some time there, and our daughter Alexis wants to join us there. I also applied to one in Fredericksburg, which is in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. It would be great if we could combine an assignment there with an RV trip around Texas. We’ll see.

DINNER: Since we won’t be here too much longer, it it time to eat leftovers! I made pasta in a cream sauce (my easy method using cream cheese) along with smoked salmon, lemon juice, and capers left from Christmas dinner salad. Side was lettuce using the yogurt/vinaigrette dressing from yesterday. I use a tiny bit of horseradish and some pickle juice to give it a kick.

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