Shopping at Biltmore Village

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, near Asheville, NC

WEATHER: Sunny. Highs about 50

Today was a girl day. George stayed home, and I drove in to Asheville to see our daughter. After haircuts, we went to Biltmore Village. This area was built in the 1890s, as homes for the employees who staffed the next-door Biltmore Estate owned by the Vanderbilts.

Most of the buildings have been converted to shops and restaurants…

A beautiful church and park frame the neighborhood

Even the McDonald’s has the Village “look”

We had lunch at the Corner Kitchen, once a cozy home in the neighborhood

I looked up its history, and read that Obama ate here once while visiting Asheville.

Finally, I dropped our daughter Meredith off to start her evening shift at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in the Village

I did our grocery shopping for Christmas dinner – not too crazy, then came back home. George had been relaxing and enjoying Netflix all day.

DINNER: An invention….fake crab (surimi) sauteed with onions and garlic. Served with a cream sauce made of cream cheese, with sides of rice and peas.

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