Christmas traffic!

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, near Asheville, NC

WEATHER: Very unpleasant….cool and rain

We awoke to rain and clouds covering up our mountain views. It is supposed to clear off in a few days.

George spent the day at home with our dog and cat, while I went in to Asheville to go shopping with my daughter. What terrible traffic! In one mall parking lot, there was a huge traffic jam with cars blocking the road by trying to get into a drive-through fast food joint. Aaarrgghh!

Cars were blocking intersections when they couldn’t move forward. I guess everyone is doing last-minute Christmas shopping!

Back in our cozy cabin, we sat in front of the fireplace and read books. So much better! This house has Netflix, so we discovered some old episodes of my favorite show, “Call The Midwife” and watched a Christmas episode. I cried for hours……

When we were housesitting in England a few years ago, we went to the town where these scenes were filmed. How neat!

DINNER: Sauteed shrimp with Asian stir-fried vegetables and rice. Tasty!

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