Enjoying housesitting

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, NC, near Asheville

WEATHER: Sunny. High in 50s

We are doing our 34th housesitting assignment. We really enjoy this opportunity. The particular association we work with is http://www.trustedhousesitters.com. It is a UK-based company so many of the assignments are located in England, but there are opportunities all over the world. Each day I receive 2 emails, each with about 25 new assignments from which to choose. I look at the dates, locations, and type of assignment. (We generally shy away from caring for big animals like cows, horses, and aggressive large dogs). The assignments range from a long weekend all the way to an entire year. We like ones that are 2 weeks or so long.

We have had assignments in several US states – MN, WA, OR, CA, NC, as well as in Panama and US Virgin Islands. Abroad, we spent 6 months all over Australia, and did many many assignments in England, plus Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, France, and Italy.

No money exchange takes place. The homeowners normally have animals and prefer to keep their pets at home. In exchange for caring for the pets, animals, and plants/garden, we housesitters get to stay at the homes at no charge. As the name implies, the system is based on trust. So far, we have had great experiences. We have made great friendships and have returned to several assignments when we could. We have cared for dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, geese, ducks, and even a wild fox! We have been in both rural as well as urban areas.

Right now, I’m starting to apply for assignments in the Pacific NW for March or so. Sometimes, for the USA assignments, we drive so need to find a location with room to park the Airstream. Other times we fly, and use public transportation when we can.

If anyone would like to join, just let me know and I can provide a promo code.

Now….on to this assignment. We are here for 2 weeks. Our charges are one dog and one cat. Yesterday, I posted photos of the cute terrier that we are caring for. Today, I was able to capture our Maine coon cat Kevin while he was hanging out on top of the couch…

We started the day watching two huge deer munching their breakfast in the side yard. Then, the many, many cardinals and bluejays made their way to the birdfeeders on the deck. Sunrise over the Blue Ridge mountains was spectacular.

Wednesdays are our little “chores” day. I watered the indoor plants, then George did some dead-heading….

I did a little cleaning of the outdoor hot tub.

We had a beer at the pizza restaurant/brewpub in Weaverville, while we did phone and intenet work.

In yesterday’s post, I mentiond that I could see ourselves living in a town like Weaverville. A reader asked me if I preferred this over our current 55+ RV community in Texas. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Some day, when we settle down, when we are no longer using our Airstream, I’d like to find a small city that has a vibrant downtown that is walkable and bikeable. Send me recommendations!

DINNER: Couscous with leftover rotisserie chicken, salad, and green beans.

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