Cozy in Weaverville

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, North Carolina, near Asheville

WEATHER: Sunny. High almost 60

We went in to nearby Weaverville to explore. It is a really cute town. If it had a bus to Asheville (which is in the works, I think), it would be the perfect town in which to live. It has everything – cute shops, grocery stores, restaurants, brewpubs, and more. We stopped at a coffee shop where a guitarist was singing and playing.

We did computer and phone work while sipping free coffee – free, as our homeowner had given us some gift cards to use. We diddled around so long there, that we realized it was about 1:00, and we were hungry. So, we went next door to a cute pub and had Taco Tuesdays. We sampled a few of their many taps.

On our way home, we shopped at a nice Goodwill, then on home.

Abby is one of our charges. She is a mix, but seems to have quite a bit of terrier in her.

She likes to cuddle on the couch…

Kevin, the Maine coon cat, is camera shy. I’ll try to get a photo later.

DINNER: Cajun beans and rice with some Italian salami and leftover rotisserie chicken bits.

We are thrilled that we have several PBS channels. Tonight we watched my favorite travel shows – with my honey Rick Steves and Rudy Maxa. Rudy highlighted Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, some of our favorite places. Makes us want to go back soon!

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