One down; 81 to go…

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, NC, outside of Asheville

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. High about 50

We are taking care of two lovely animals. The dog, Abbigail was first a bit timid with us, but she has warmed up nicely. She is a rescue dog and still has some insecurities. Kevin is a huge and very friendly Maine coon cat. Loves to eat!

We enjoyed morning coffee with the daily “bird show”. At one point, there were 15 brilliantly red cardinals lined up on the deck.

After morning chores, we left for Asheville. Our daughter has just moved in to a new apartment, and George helped her assemble some furniture.

Then, off to lunch at Asheville Brewing and Pizza Company. It is one of 82 breweries/microbreweries/nanobreweries/distilleries/brewpubs in Asheville. Amazing! I had a hoppy IPA and George had a bourbon-barreled stout. This brewpub is really funky. They have a theater and show Indie-type movies in the afternoons and evenings. We shared a spinach burger (vegetarian). I’m going to try to make one some day.

Back home, we relaxed with some popcorn in front of the fireplace, George watching sports while I read. Very cozy!!!

DINNER: Using leftover pasta from dinner at the restaurant the other evening, I jazzed it up with hard Italian salami bits, onions, and garlic. I think it was better than the first time around!!

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