Christmas decor at Retama

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Sunny and warm – 83

This morning, we had our annual community clubhouse decorating get-together. Lots of people come to help decorate for Christmas each year. This year’s theme is a Very Merry Texas Christmas. So, many of the decorations have a cowboy theme, such as this tabletop decoration…

and these cowboy stockings on the fireplace…

The kitchen looks nice…

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help decorate, as George’s foot was really bothering him – painful and swollen up. So, we went to an urgent care center, where he was diagnosed with gout!!! I’ve always heard that it is the “rich man’s disease”, due to eating and drinking too much. That is not his case, as he hasn’t been drinking much at all after his surgery, and we haven’t eaten rich food, especially not a lot of seafood lately. The NP said that they don’t really know what causes the uric acid to build up, causing the problem. In any case, he got some meds for it, and hopefully it will go away in a few days.

I made it to one line dancing class today, but missed swimming class due to his foot. Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice next week, so I can get back to daily water aerobics. Since George can’t do his regular exercise routine, I brought him to my yoga class yesterday. I think he liked the stretching and light cardio workout.

Speaking of food….

For dinner, I used up some of the green beans from Christmas with a good “pesto pasta”. In addition to the green beans, it had cherry tomatoes, small diced salami bits, onions, parmesan and pesto.. Pretty good.

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