Showing our daughter Alexis around the RGV

We let Alexis sleep in, as she hadn’t slept for about 48 hours. While she was snoozing, I went up to the clubhouse to meet with the quilting club. I have a quilt made by my great-grandmother (my mother’s grandmother). It is in need of a bit of repair so I asked these ladies for help. They are thrilled with the project. They admired the detailed hand stitches, and marveled at the fact that she probably quilted it when she was quite poor, as the backing appears to be old flour sacks.

Because of its fragility, they recommend not using it as a quilt, but to make a wall-hanging from it. They are going to start working on it as a group.

Alexis brought us some really cute pillowcases decorated with retro campers.

Then, out to lunch at a place that has a great variety of craft beers – shared platter of hummus and a veggie flatbread.

We ran some errands, including buying some firewood to make a fire in the fire pit. As we sat around the fire, we watched the beautiful sunset.

DINNER: Sautéed scallops with onions, capers, and vegan ham in a buttery garlic sauce. Salad with kale and arugula on the side. Very gourmet!

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