No Wall!

WEATHER: Another nasty day – cold (50s) and rain

LOCATION: Our tiny house in Mission, Texas

Enough of this bad weather!

We attended a rally against the Wall. It was quite interesting. Apparently the Homeland Security has not allowed any Town Hall for public discussion, so this group created their own Town Hall. It was held outside, right across from the Border Patrol station.

Unless something changes, the construction in this area of the Wall is scheduled to begin in February. On the cutting board are: 1) our next door neighbor…..a state park/national bird sanctuary, 2) the national butterfly center, and 3) a darling Catholic mission church built in 1899 which was the origins of our town Mission. In addition to the ugly wall, they will clear 150 feet of land on either side of the Wall, ruining farms and hurting wild life. So sad!

After the rally, we visited a few Open Houses in our neighborhood. It is fun to see how people have upgraded their homes.

DINNER: A new recipe that would be great on a campfire…

Make an aluminum foil packet and stuff it with sausage (I used the last of our Louisiana andouille sausage), lots of green pepper strips, fresh oregano, finely diced celery, and a drizzle of olive oil and beer (secret ingredient). We cooked ours on our gas grill, but when camping, they could be tossed directly on the coals.

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