Crazy Wednesday

As I’ve mentioned before, the butterflies are just amazing. They love some of the bushes around our house. Early this morning, I found one who was still asleep next to my basil plant.

After breakfast, I left the house at 9:00 and didn’t return until 4:30. Wednesday is the busiest day of the week, as far as my activities. Almost like work!

At the clubhouse, I first caught up on email. The clubhouse is all decked out for Thanksgiving.

First up was yoga. The instructor is very good. We did a lot of stretching – I’m sure I will feel it tomorrow! From there, I changed into my swimsuit and did two hours of water aerobics. Wow! After quickly showering at the clubhouse shower and changing, I joined other ladies for two hours of chatting at Wine Wednesday. Since I was so pooped out and parched, I sipped on club soda rather than imbibing on anything stronger. By then, it was after 4:00, and time to return home.

We met our new neighbors. They will be moving here from Portland, Oregon and will travel during the summer months. It almost seems like the houses morph overnight from this…..

……to this…..

There are about 5 more houses under construction in the development. Some are like hours, others are “regular” houses, and others are port homes – the kind that have gigantic, tall garages where owners park their motor homes. We are glad the community stays vibrant.

DINNER: Shrimp/sausage gumbo. Using the andouille sausage I had bought in Louisiana and some local shrimp, I cooked up a big batch. I added file pepper, also purchased in Louisiana, and okra. I think it was pretty authentic. I foresee leftovers in our future!

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