Texas Two-Stepping!

We worked all morning, me focusing on the computer, and George waxing and buffing the truck.

Then, time to play….. We first drove by a ‘questionable” bar called the Junkyard. Several people have told us that it is a fun place to go when they have music. It is located literally right on the Mexican border. It is surrounded by government land next to the Rio Grande levy. (We took this photo next to a big “no trespassing’ sign. We didn’t stop at the Junkyard today, but maybe another time.

The Riverside Club (www.ontheriver.net) was next on our agenda. We checked out a riverboat cruise that leaves from there, that we might take when our daughter visits us.

They were having a “Welcome Back, Winter Texans” bash in their dancehall. We watched the dancers – Many seemed to be older Midwesterners – as reflected from the license plates in the parking lot from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario. Some can barely move, but I give them credit for getting out and having a good time….

….You can easily spot the locals, wearing cowboy hats and boots gracefully circling around the floor doing the Texas Two Step.

Speaking of cowboys……

After all of that excitement, we came back home and relaxed, me with a book and George with a football game.

Then, enjoying the beautiful evening temperature, we sat outside on the driveway and sipped on a margarita.

DINNER: A variation of chicken parmesan: I layered roasted chicken slices in a baking dish, then added cooked broccoli, canned tomatoes in their juice, lots of oregano and basil, then a layer of cheese and dotted with croutons. I baked until cheese was melted and croutons were toasted. Easy peesy and good.

One thought on “Texas Two-Stepping!

  1. Nancy Hochbein

    It is so much fun to read your blog, Karmen. It is amazing for you to be able to see all of those beautiful butterflies. When you described looking up at the sky at them it was like I was there seeing it too. The only time I got to see many butterflies migrating was probably 25 years ago when a friend and I were on a road trip from St. Paul to Mankato, MN. We stopped along the way for a break out in the country, not too far from a river and when we turned the corner on our short walk………there they were….. hundreds or more monarchs. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing your adventures, stories and great photos. Nancy H.


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