Let the fun begin…..

We have been in our tiny house for about a week. Life has been busy, with cleaning and getting set up again in the house. We have enjoyed reuniting with friends and have had a few couples over to chat. I have joined a new, daily “high impact” water aerobics class plus I’ve continued with another swimming class that is less serious. Tomorrow, I’m going to check out line dancing classes. That, plus running errands and doctors’ appointments for George have kept us running.

Since we retired in 2013 and hit the road, we have used a mail-forwarding service based in Sioux Falls. We use that as our address, and each month the company forwards our mail to us, to wherever we happen to be at the time. Yesterday, we received our October mail package, and it was unusually big. Why? The Canadian hospital bills have started to arrive! Let the fun begin! We started sorting them all out to figure out how to submit them to Medicare and to our secondary insurance, Mayo Clinic. Since the Canadians don’t bill their own residents, the billing system is quite different. Not much is itemized, so we are afraid that Medicare will automatically deny them. Once all of the bills have arrived, and insurance has been paid, I will write about the total, as many people have asked me how much it all cost and how much was covered by insurance. Twenty-seven days in a hospital plus 2 ambulances, plus air ambulance, plus lots of procedures including the triple bypass surgery will certainly add up! So far, it is obvious that it is much less expensive than in the USA .

We sneak in some fun stops as we run our errands. Mission is located in the Rio Grande Valley (called the RGV). There are several small cities, each with about a population of 100,000 that run together – Mission, McAllen, Edinburg, and Pharr. Today we were near Pharr for an appointment, so stopped at a microbrewery there. Pretty good.

Back home in the evening, we sat outside and watched the thousands of butterflies, flying near to the trees and bushes, as well as those way up in the sky. Amazing. I made my “special recipe” margaritas. So much better than the pre-made mix.

DINNER: Black bean burgers tucked into a tortilla with picante sauce, cheese, grilled onions and mushrooms, and lettuce. Bueno!

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