The day was spent doing more of the same as yesterday…..George waxing the Airstream and trying to get the TV antenna to be strong enough for us to watch PBS. Both chores are taking longer than expected…..

I can’t stop watching the beautiful butterflies. This is the view from the front side of our house. Beyond the butterflies, you can see our palm tree (which looks much healthier than it did this past summer) and two tiny houses (just like ours) across the street. One is sold and the other is used for “stay and play” – where prospective buyers stay free for 2-4 nights as they consider buying here.

Here is George “pretending” to spray the butterflies. We hate driving fast on the highway as we hit so many!

I don’t usually mention lunch, but I will today. We try to stay away from sandwiches, as we do not need the empty calories of white bread. I try to make soups, both cold and hot, and various salads. Today I made a crabmeat/avocado salad that can be used to top a salad, or could be used as a party dip. I used surimi, (fake crabmeat) and a mashed avocado to start. Then, I added some Greek yogurt and mayonnaise. I flavored it with jalapeños, fresh basil, and salt and pepper. I served it over lettuce. I think it was fairly lo-cal and it was certainly tasty.

Then in the afternoon, I prepared a dish for a German-themed potluck dinner we are having at the clubhouse this evening. One thing I don’t like about these potlucks is the hour. Way too early for us. Happy hour starts at 4:00 and dinner at 5:15 tonight!

The potluck was a real success. Tons of food – brats, ribs, lots of different kinds of potatoes and cabbage/sauerkraut. It was nice enough to sit outside on the patio to eat.

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