The butterflies are back!

After several days of rain and clouds, the sun came out brilliantly today. With the sun came the butterflies. Here are some feasting on a bush in our front yard…

We are on a migratory path for butterflies and birds from far northern Canada as they fly to Mexico in the winter. Tragically, the nearby National Butterfly Center and the National Birding Center are right in the path of “The Wall” and will be decimated if that is built. As you can see, we are right on the border. See red dot….

We went to George’s doctor in the morning to get his leg checked out. There is so much Mexican influence here. Most Latinos switch between English and Spanish easily, sometimes starting a sentence in one language and ending in the other. The doctors’ office waiting room was made up of mostly Spanish-speaking people. Some of the older men were attired in cowboy hats and boots. Even though there was a “no solicitation” sign, it was just like Mexico…..a man came in offering a tray of cookies and cakes for sale. Then, another one came in passing out religious leaflets. It was quite a show.

We stopped in this really nice restaurant for lunch. It has an international bistro feel, with Mexican touches. We shared an order of Korean tacos. We want to come back one day, and sit in their patio.

In the afternoon, a group of Mexican guys came and washed our Airstream. They go from RV to RV in our village, and do the washing quite cheaply.

Then, in the late afternoon, we had our weekly potluck at the clubhouse. Everyone takes a side dish or dessert to share and something to grill for themselves. The clubhouse has two very nice kitchens – one inside and one outside. We took our already-roasted chicken wings and legs/thighs, charred them on the outside, and brushed them with a BBQ sauce. For my potluck contribution, I took deviled eggs.

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