Decorating the tiny house

Another busy day with cleaning and catching up. We spent about 4 hours in the clubhouse using internet – making airplane and rental car reservations for our December trip and doing financial things.

We brought this picture back from Michigan- where our daughter had been storing some of her furniture. It travelled in the back of the pick-up. Thanks to George’s great packing skills, it didn’t break! We lived in Japan in the 1970s. I taught English there in a private girls’ school. In the evenings, to supplement my income, I did private classes. One of my adult students was an artist. She drew this painting for me. She said it says, in a stylistic Japanese lettering…”In this house, a Buddha lives”. So, we can pray to it, if we would like! :-). We hung it over the dresser in our bedroom, which is quite small. The builders were quite ingenious when they built these tiny houses. The dresser fits perfectly in a built-in alcove. A queen bed JUST fits, with inches to spare.

I picked up a few herb plants, especially wanting to replace my basil that the US Customs absconded with a few months ago. We had previously bought these flower pots in Mexico, just across the border from us here. They look nice with our Mexican margarita glasses, on this outdoor stand.

So, little by little, our house is being decorated. It has a strange Japanese/Mexican/modern look to it. We like it!

DINNER: Mushroom risotto. I missed cooking risotto these last 5 months. I really can’t do it inside the trailer, as the steam coming off the rice for a long period probably would steam up the Airstream. Salad on the side. Really rich-tasting.

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