We voted!

Back in our tiny house, we are busy cleaning – both the Airstream after 5 months on the road and the house, dusty from having sat empty for this time period.

We also have many errands to run. One nice thing our city here does is to allow “Winter Texans” to put our electricity/sewer/garbage on vacation mode. The bill is about half the regular monthly rate while you are gone. So, we went to the Water Department to let them know we are back and to stop the vacation mode……until next time.

While we were there, at this public building, we voted. The Texas Senator race is very interesting, and currently quite tight.

From there, all around town trying to find an antenna booster for our TV. Since we don’t watch much TV, we don’t want to buy cable. We are trying to get the signal strong enough so we can at least watch the news inside the house, over the air. Happily, the TV tower with the local PBS station was restored in our absence, and we can now get PBS on the TV in the Airstream again.

We did computer work using our clubhouse’s wifi. We aren’t sure whether we will get internet for the house or not. It depends if they offer a “vacation mode” like the water department does. Meanwhile, we don’t mind walking to the clubhouse for internet.

DINNER: I roasted a whole chicken in a new Le Crueset pot I found. Strange that a whole raw chicken in the store was more expensive than a cooked rotisserie chicken. By cooking it myself, I could of course control the additives. I rubbed it with olive oil, rubbed a generous amount of salt and pepper on the bird, sprinkled on some Worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar, and stuffed the insides with lemon quarters. Toward the end of the cooking, I added potatoes and carrots. It was really yummy. It also seemed very festive, like Thanksgiving. Of course, we now have chicken leftovers and chicken broth for future meals.

One thought on “We voted!

  1. Keith

    I have never figured out the economics of rotisserie chicken either! Just read that Costco loses millions on their rotisserie chickens, it is a loss leader. So maybe that’s an explanation


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