Back in our tiny house!

We just returned to Retama Village in Mission, Texas where we live 2-3 months during the winter – after a 5-month road trip. To recap…

We left Retama Village, in far south Texas the first week of June – getting out of Dodge when it started getting terribly hot. We travel in a 25’ Flying Cloud Airstream. Our first leg was spent mostly in Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds – always really nice and inexpensive, with our national park pass.

Leg #1 ended in Edenton, North Carolina, on the coast, where we completed a 2-week housesitting assignment through over the 4th of July. We really enjoyed this charming, southern, coastal town.

Then, leg #2 up through the eastern USA coast with quite a bit of time spent in our favorite place in the USA – New England. We loved Vermont’s Green Mountains and New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and then drop-dead gorgeous Maine. This trip culminated in a few days in Acadia National Park.

From there, we crossed into our friendly neighboring country Canada, where we met up with camping companions Jenny and Tony. We counted up, and we think this is the 14th time we have met up on the road, the first being in remote Newfoundland in 2013. We spent a few weeks with them in 3 national parks in New Brunswick. Absolutely smashing.

They returned to their home in Nova Scotia and we headed north to Quebec. We absolutely ADORE the Gaspe’ Peninsula of Quebec. We found a bit of paradise in a teeny town right on the Gulf of the St. Lawrence – Grande Vallee. And then……(drum roll here)…..George had a heart attack in the middle of the night. He ended up spending almost a month in various Quebec hospitals. Our memories of this period are those of the most generous, kindest people we have ever met. Everyone was so helpful, from the “911 lady” who helped us call an ambulance at the campground when it first occurred, to the Grande Vallee campground owners and fellow campers, to the hospital staffs, and to George’s hospital roommates and their spouses.

After a successful recovery, we headed south to Burlington, Vermont (with a little detour back to Gaspe’ to pick up the Airstream). From there, we headed south, hitting a few bucket list items – The Thousand Islands, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and some famous hiking trails in Pennsylvania. We stayed in 8 different breweries and wineries (free) as part of the Harvest Host network ( We stopped at the Airstream factory in central Ohio to get some dents repaired that occurred in a windstorm when a tree limb fell on the top, somewhere in Maine, we think. Cosmetic damage only. Then, we moseyed on south back to Mission, Texas.

Here we have a “tiny house” which we will use as base for the next few months, until we hit the road (or skies) again.

Some highlights….

– 14,162 miles

– 5 months on the road

– 21 US states

– 2 Canadian provinces

– 1 heart attack

– 1 flat tire

– 1 housesitting assignment

– 8 Harvest Host overnights

….And lots of fun!!!!

DINNER: 2 things—-

Blog follower Bonkers asked about the quick vegetable/lentil curry from last night. Couldn’t be easier — I sautéed some onion, added chunks of a cooked sweet potato, green pepper, garlic, some chopped carrots, and some frozen vegetables. Meanwhile, I cooked the lentils – just simmered dry lentils in boiling water. I made a gravy by first making a roux = using some buttermilk (just because I had it – regular milk would have been ok).. To the gravy, I added lots of curry powder and a bit of cayenne pepper. Stirred it all together. I served all of this over rice.

Tonight’s dinner —- I desperately need to get to the local grocery store. Until then, will use leftovers….Pasta with a spaghetti sauce using onion, garlic, green pepper, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, and frozen meatballs. Sprinkle with shaved parmesan. I always make a double batch of spaghetti sauce, and freeze half for a future meal.

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