Back to our tiny house

We took one last stroll on the beach at Galveston Island State Park, then headed south.

Again, we drove by thousands of beach houses raised high on stilts. If I lived in one, I would be worried about a storm all of the time.

It has really been raining here. Many roads are flooded. We couldn’t find any dry place to turn into for lunch, so stopped in this parking lot. The rain must have caused this sink hole…..

Our plan was to stop in Rockport, along the Gulf of Mexico and chill there for a few days, eating crab and shrimp, and hanging out at beach bars. However, when we arrived, it was raining so hard that we couldn’t see more than about a foot in front of us. We checked the weather forecast, and this same deluge was predicted for the next day or two. So, we thought we would just drive a bit south, until we ran out of the rain. When we finally did, we realized that we were only two hours from our tiny house in Mission, so we drove on home.

Our house seems to be in order. We have a lot of unpacking to do. Since we travel so much, I do not have 2 sets of everything – one for the Airstream and one for the tiny house. Instead, I keep things in bins in both places, and do not duplicate. Still, I need to give everything a good cleaning before I put things away in the house. That will keep me busy for awhile.

Although we are not traveling right now, I will continue to write the blog. We do have some adventures coming up…

– November – Daughter Alexis and her friend are coming down to visit us. We’ll take them to South Padre Island for a few days

– December – Two weeks of housesitting over Christmas in the hills outside of Asheville, North Carolina to include a visit with our daughter Meredith

– January – Some friends from Minnesota are coming down to visit us. Another trip to South Padre Island will probably be part of the plan

– Feb/March/April -hope to do both international as well as local (Texas) housesits

– May – Start our summer road trip with a one-week Airstream “Aluminumpalozza” rally at the Airstream factory in Ohio, followed by 5-6 months traveling around the US and Canada, hopefully reuniting with friends along the way

We are hoping that more people will come visit us. Contact me at if you’d like a respite from the cold winter weather this winter!

DINNER: Arriving a bit late, I did a quick lentil and vegetable curry over rice.

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