On the Gulf!

CAMPGROUND: Galveston Island State Park. Right on the Gulf of Mexico. Electricity and water at sites. Picnic tables and grills. So-so bathrooms. $31/night. 4 stars out of 5.

LOCATION: Galveston, Texas -next to Houston

WEATHER: Cloudy and windy. High 70

The state park campground in SW Louisiana where we spent last night also has free laundry services, so I used the dryer to dry up some of our damp towels this morning ……with so much rain lately, everything feels damp. This is a great service!

We drove on Interstate 10 west through the rest of Louisiana, into Texas with oil refineries everywhere. Not very scenic. We had a telephone interview along the way with a homeowner through Trusted Housesitters. They accepted us, so we will be spending two weeks around Christmas in Asheville, North Carolina, where our daughter lives, and not too far from George’s family. We are excited about the opportunity!

Soon, we were able to get off I-10, and took the road south to the Gulf. We saw a sign called “Redneck Riviera RV Park” and the area certainly seems redneck. Not very developed. We were amazed, though, to see thousands of houses, built high on spindly stilts. They look like they could be wiped out so easily with a windstorm.

At the end of the road, we took a free ferry across the Gulf to Galveston. Here is the route…

It was a great way to avoid Houston and the city of Galveston.

During the 15-minute crossing, we watched dolphins frolick in front of us.

We drove along the “Galveston Seawall” – the touristy strip along the beach with endless restaurants, bars, and surf shops. We arrived at our campground mid-afternoon. We were lucky to get a site on the beach, without reservations. After getting hooked up with electricity and water, we strolled on the beach. The “welcome” signs weren’t very welcoming! We had the long stretch of beach to ourselves. Very peaceful.

DINNER: Wanting to try the andouille sausage I had bought in Louisiana, I made a kind of gumbo…I sautéed the andouille with bell peppers, onions, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. I added file’ gumbo and hot sauce for flavor. Splashed in a little red wine for juiciness. The andouille sausage is really good. Wish I had bought more. I served this over rice. Oooh-boy!

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