In Cajun food heaven

CAMPGROUND: Sam Houston Jones State Park. Very woodsy. Electricity and water; some sites have sewer. Very nice bathrooms. Paved sites with campfire rings and picnic tables. Free laundry. $20 / night. 4 stars out of 5

LOCATION: Lake Charles, Louisiana. In SW part of state

WEATHER: More rain. High 60s

Our host at the Harvest Host brewery invited us over for fresh-roasted coffee. The neighbor who roasts the coffee is such a fresh fanatic that he does not sell the coffee pre-packaged. You must order it from him, then he roasts the beans for you. It was very good….and free.

We spent the day in Lafayette, where George saw some doctors about the wound on his leg – the incision to remove a vein from his open heart surgery.

Between appointments, we stopped at a local Cajun “joint” for lunch. It is a combination meat store, smoke shop, and restaurant. Nothing fancy at all.

The typical Louisiana cafes serve “plate lunches”. This means an entree, and 2 sides. The menu changes daily. It is cafeteria-style. The portions are enormous, and even though we shared the meal, we were uncomfortably full afterwards.

Our lunch was delicious sausage/chicken gumbo with macaroni/cheese and cole slaw as sides. We also tried some boudin (a mix of meat, cheese, and rice rolled in a ball, covered with crumbs and fried). Not health food!!!

Then, we shopped in their meat area. I bought some andouille sausage for future meals as well as file’ gumbo. I wanted to buy some frozen etoufee, but it was sold in huge buckets. Also available were:

Grillades – not sure what they are

Stuffed chaurice – a kind of Cajun sausage

Stuffed beef tongue

Tasso – smoked Cajun sausage

Boudin – like what we had for lunch

Chicken stuffed with crawfish dressing.


Alligator fillet

Chauride – stuffed hog stomach!!!

Gator patties

Alligator and pork sausage

After the appointments, we headed west toward Texas. Unfortunately, the rain followed us. We drove a few hours until we found this state park campground.

DINNER: Leftover chicken wings (purchased from the Harvest Host brewery a few nights ago) and a side of vegetables with lentils.

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