Through the Ozarks

“CAMPGROUND”: Another Harvest Host site. This time a brewery. Saddlebrook Brewery.

LOCATION: The brewery is out in the boonies – outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, in NE corner of state.

WEATHER: Cloudy in the AM; some sun in PM. High 70

Knowing that our drive today would be short, we stayed around the state park where we camped last night. Since it stopped raining, we took a walk around the campground. There were lots of fishermen trying to catch trout. Really idyllic.

Our drive was through the mountains with scenic views of the lakes below. The hillbilly reputation that Arkansas has proved itself today. We drove by lots and lots of shacks with junk strewn all over the front yards. Some people don’t throw anything away!

We arrived at our Harvest Host brewery and got parked in their pasture.

We sampled some beers and spoke with the owner. The sun came out and we moved out to one of the decks on the brewery’s barn. Wanting to support the brewery, we bought some chicken wings to go — they will be lunch tomorrow, and probably for several more days.

DINNER: I buy a rotisserie chicken occasionally when shopping. One chicken can provide about 5 meals for us, so it is a good deal. When I first buy it, I trim off the legs and wings for dinner #1. Then, I cook up the bones and skin to make chicken broth to use in soups and/or in making rice, grits, etc. Then, I freeze up about 4 portions of the chicken meat. Tonight, I used one of those portions for a Mexican rice-type dinner. I sautéed some onion and garlic, then added diced chicken. To get our vegetables in, I added some small diced carrot pieces. Over all of that, I sprinkled some taco seasoning and cumin, added a bit of water and cooked rice, and let it simmer. I served it with some tiny bits of shredded cheddar cheese. Pretty darn good!

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