Camping in a vineyard

“CAMPGROUND”: Crown Winery – another Harvest Host site

LOCATION: Humboldt, Tennessee, about an hour east of Memphis

WEATHER: Cool. High 60s

We got an early start from our Army Corps of Engineers campground. Then, we had to drive through Nashville. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Interstates merged then split, then others merged again.

An interstate rest area was our lunch spot again. We had sardines and crackers (again). We only have about 20 more cans left! :-(. While we were picnicking, a lady who looked like she was in her 70s approached us with a real sob story. She said her purse with all her cash, credit cards and phone had been stolen. She needed gas money. Later, we figured out that she suckered us, but we gave her $10.

We are certainly in Bible country. Huge churches. We passed one with a big neon sign saying “Congratulations Brett Kavanaugh”.

Another Harvest Host is our “campground” tonight. It is a beautiful winery with a nice, huge gravel parking lot.

To our surprise, two other Harvest Host RVs came in. We are very spread out. We did a wine tasting, then took a tour of the winery and vineyard.

They do a lot of weddings here. The favorite place is under this mulberry tree.

Lucky for us, it is Friday, and the winery had a band and made wood-fired pizzas. We shared a chicken/veg pizza on a white sauce and listened to the music. The band was very good, and we really enjoyed the evening.

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