Flat tire!

CAMPGROUND: Cedar Creek Army Corps of Engineers campground. Nice, flat, wide, long campsites with picnic tables and grills. Good bathrooms. Electricity and water at sites. On lake. $12.50/night with senior pass – can’t beat! 4 stars out of 5

LOCATION: Outside of Nashville, Tennessee

WEATHER: Still hot. 90. Rain in the afternoon and evening

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. We got up this morning at the Harvest Host winery site and found one of our tires on the trailer going flat. We thought we could limp along to a gas station, but a few miles after we left the winery, we realized that it was too flat to drive on. What to do? George thought about taking off the flat tire and just driving with the 3 tires. That seemed too scary to me. Then, we remembered that we have a roadside assistance plan through Airstream. We called and 1.5 hours later, a guy came to change the tire for us. We had him put the spare on.

Then, with a much later start than planned, we headed south and west. We drove along the Bourbon Trail with signs for all the major distilleries – Jim Beam, Makers Mark, etc. We did a tour years ago, and didn’t feel like we wanted to do another one today.

We passed through Bowling Green, Kentucky, and then into Tennessee. We stopped to order a new tire and to do some much-needed grocery shopping. It started pouring down rain. A real deluge! Our camper stayed nice and dry inside…..except for the bathroom where I had forgotten to close the top vent! 😦

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken dinner – wings and legs. Side was a cabbage salad with a Mexican/lime dressing.

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