In beautiful horse country

“CAMPGROUND”: Wildside Winery – another Harvest Host site. In their event parking lot

LOCATION: Outside of Lexington, Kentucky – in central part of state

WEATHER: Unusually hot for this time of year. 90

We did a little business with the Airstream people at the factory in the morning….

To my loyal readers like Jean P, I appreciate your support of my driving and taking over the hooking-up process. George and I have had (somewhat morbid) conversations of what we will do if/when I am permanently the only driver and “setter-upper”. While here at the Airstream factory, we looked at this new Atlas RV (photo below) as well as the Interstate. (Check them out at The Altas comes with a slide-out and a pull-down Murphy bed! Not cheap, but would be so much easier to handle.

I drove all day on crazy busy Interstate 75, which is the main thoroughfare for trucks coming from eastern Canada and NE USA down to Atlanta and Florida. I managed to make it through busy Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio without killing us, in spite of the pot holes, merging traffic, and trucks barreling down the highway on all sides of me.

Now we are out in the middle of beautiful and peaceful horse farm country near Lexington.

Tonight’s stop was another Harvest Host site. After setting up in their event parking lot (a bit dicey backing up between two trees and avoiding the horse farm fence), we walked over to the winery for a tasting. Surprisingly good!

It is a very small operation. While the wine pourer was not waiting on customers, he bottled some of their wine.

The winery was delightfully air-conditioned, so we lingered inside for quite awhile. They have wifi, so I caught up on correspondence, including a Facebook message from our “911 lady” from Quebec. She is the one who helped us when George had his heart attack in the middle of the night while camping in rural Gaspe’ Peninsula. We were there in September, right on the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. She sent me this photo of the village as it looks today with its beautiful fall colors.

After the winery closed, I hung out on the shaded patio to keep cool. I had a lovely companion…

DINNER: Somehow, we didn’t see a grocery store today and I had planned to stock up. So, back to the emergency food box for tonight’s dinner……Chickpeas and rice in a sauce made of sautéed garlic, basil pesto, cream cheese, and parmesan cheese. Not too shabby!

One thought on “In beautiful horse country

  1. Jean Pool

    Interestingly our friends have an Airstream Touring Coach…I think it may be the Interstate. They also have a Class A. They love the Airstream Coach for trips closer to home i.e. watching grandkids at sports games in the state in which they live. Thanks for the information and happy travels! Oh by the way…high of 37 degrees in Rochester today AND snow!


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