Luxuriating in Detroit

LOCATION: Livonia, Michigan, a nice suburb of Detroit

WEATHER: Rain. Highs 60s

We talked with our repairman Vern who said the Airstream is now ready. They will move it to their “terraport” – the factory’s complimentary campground for Airstreamers where we will pick it up on Monday.

We (I) drove about 2 hours to Livonia in the rain and heavy truck traffic.

We use often when we travel. They have a deal whereby you get a free room after 10 stays. So, we booked this nice TowneHome Suites by Marriott for 2 nights, using our free stays. It is really nice – like a studio apartment. It has a full kitchen and office area, besides the sleeping area.

We are hauling around our remaining food from the Airstream, while it is being fixed, so it is nice to have a refrigerator to store everything in.

We can also save money by cooking in rather than eating in restaurants. We bought supper ingredients ($12 as compared to a restaurant meal). Then, we checked out a cool brewpub (probably eliminating all of our meal savings!!!)

We saw “hand-cut” fries on the menu. The chef just happened to be walking by and George asked him if they were truly hand-cut or frozen. He swore that they were hand-cut. So, we ordered a small bowl (trying to forget about the recent heart attack).

They really were good. We had to send a photo of them to our friends Tony and Jenny, whom we met up with in Belgium a few months ago. Tony was on a quest to find really good hand-cut fries, but even in Belgium we often got frozen ones when we ordered their famous fries. And the best part of these fries…..they were free!!!

DINNER: Spinach/ricotta-stuffed ravioli with basil pesto and Parmesan. Spinach salad with bacon/blue cheese smoked dressing. And…..we have leftovers for tomorrow!

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