Going north to Texas?

LOCATION: Marshall, Michigan – in western part of state

WEATHER: Day started warm, then cooled down to 60s

We hung around Bryan, Ohio in order to get a prescription filled for George. We had a picnic lunch in a nice city park, then headed north. North? We are just killing time while the Airstream is being fixed. We plan on visiting a friend near Ann Arbor, Michigan this weekend.

We drove through Amish country again. Our GPS took us down farm roads, which was interesting. Many of the Amish farmers were in their fields picking pumpkins. We passed a small school where the little Amish girls were outside playing. Not only are the horse and buggies parked in the front of the house a signal that it is an Amish house, but also we look for laundry hanging outside, no cars, no electricity lines, no TV antennas, and generally a well-kept neat farm and home. We also passed by non-Amish farms where farmers were on their big machines harvesting soybeans and corn. Very fall-like!

We stopped tonight in Marshall, Michigan, home of one of our favorite breweries – Dark Horse. George had their IPA called “Smells Like a Safety Meeting”. Wonder how it got its name?

Everything there is kind of quirky. Many “regulars” drink from ceramic mugs hanging from the ceiling.

We got a pizza to go and ate it in the room. It was made with pumpkin seed pesto. Really good!

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