Awesome Airstream

LOCATION: Bryan, Ohio – in far NW corner of Ohio

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. Hot – high 88

The Airstream folks picked up our camper (literally – with a tractor) from our campsite and took it into one of their 40 service bays. Super efficient.

They estimate 3-4 days repair time, so we will leave it with them and travel around a bit on our own.

There is not much to do in Jackson Center, the town where the Airstream factory is located. The population is 1200; the number of Airstream workers is 1400! We had a picnic lunch in a park, then returned to the factory to go on their tour.

We first saw lots of antique Airstreams. This one went to Africa..

This one was built in the 1930s…

Then, we toured the factory for about 2 hours. Everything is done by hand. Amazing craftsmanship. They produce about 100 a week, and have a backlog of 3000 orders. They are building a bigger factory to address the demand.

We then hit the road northwest, with an eventual destination of Detroit. We spent the night in an old-style “motor lodge” in a small town. We had dinner in their adjacent restaurant. Every time someone came in, the customers would shout out a greeting. Even Norm came in. “Hi, Norm!” We shared a salad and a grilled chicken breast sandwich with spinach and artichoke dip. I’ll have to try cooking that myself one day.

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