More wineries in Ohio!

CAMPGROUND: Another Harvest Host site….Breitenbach Winery. Nice gravel parking lot, all to ourselves

LOCATION: Outside of Dover, Ohio

WEATHER: Sunny and unseasonably hot. High 85

We only had 25 miles to drive today, so we used the day to take care of everyday living.

George needed to stop George at an urgent care to get his leg checked, to make sure it is healing properly, and to get some antibiotics. Sometimes our GPS really fails us. When we typed in “urgent care”, it took us to a veterinary clinic in a town about 15 miles away. We gave up on the GPS and searched on the internet for an urgent care, and found one in the town we had been in.

The Nurse Practitioner said his leg is ok. Then, I got a haircut. The last one was in New Brunswick. It is always an anxious moment – some hairdressers are ok, and some are bad, especially when they know you will not be a repeat customer. I’ve had haircuts all over the world these last 5 years on the road – Canada, all over USA, Mexico, Australia and England. Today’s was ok. Then, a bit of shopping. George, in an unsupervised moment, bought yet more cans of sardines. We must have about 20. He insisted that he got a good deal on them.

Who knew that Ohio has so many wineries? When we pulled in to this one this afternoon, a big tour bus was in the parking lot and little old ladies were tasting sweet Amish wines.

We got the Airstream set up, and after the tour bus cleared out, walked over to the winery. We tasted some very decent dry wines and enjoyed a glass on the outdoor patio.

One nice thing about the Airstream is that it has windows on all 4 sides (unusual in RVs). We opened up and got things cooled down quite comfortably.

DINNER: Mexican black beans and rice, with diced up hamburger and sauteed onions and garlic. Delicioso!

We have spent the last 6 nights without electricity or water. The battery is doing fine, getting recharged as we drive during the day. Our grey and black water tanks are doing well, as we are careful about the amount of water we need. Our fresh water is ok, too, although we will need to fill up today. (Too much dishwashing!!!)

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