Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

LOCATION: West Lafayette, Ohio in east central Ohio.

CAMPGROUND: Another Harvest Host site. This one is Raven’s Glenn Winery. We are on a huge paved, flat parking lot nestled up to the vineyards.

WEATHER: Beautiful! High 80. Sunny

We had a relaxed morning at the Cristian Kaye winery. The owner stopped by to make sure we had had a good evening. I think a winery owner really has to hustle to make it financially. He was harvesting the grapes, attending a wine festival, and preparing for next weekend’s event at the winery. He apologized for not having more time to show us around!

We drove just a few miles to Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater House. It is really out in the middle of nowhere. We were able to get on the 10:30 AM guided tour. The house and surroundings are beautiful. The river that runs almost through the house is very full due to the rains, so it was especially attractive. We learned the history of the house and the challenges of building it. Very well done.

After the tour, we somehow took a wrong turn and drove in circles up and down tiny country roads. Deer jumped across the road in front of us. Although they were 2-lane roads, only one vehicle actually fit. Finally, we arrived in civilization, only to have to get on the busy Pennsylvania Turnpike. I don’t know which is worse – the winding country roads or the interstates. We drove west across the rest of Pennsylvania, then dipped into West Virginia for a few miles, then entered Ohio.

We arrived at this next Harvest Host site right as they were closing at 4:00. We had made reservations, so the owner just instructed us where to park as she left. We had the place to ourselves.

We sat on the veranda with a glass of wine and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

DINNER: Brats with sautéed vegetables. We will be arriving at the Airstream factory in a few days. We aren’t sure whether we will have to turn off the propane (refrigerator) while they are working on it. Guessing that they might, I’m trying to use up all the food in the refrigerator before we arrive.

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